June 2023

Success, Wealth and Wellbeing Summer Retreat 2023

Hosted by

Sarah McCalden and 

Michelle Graham

June 12th-16th 2023

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If you could live the next year of your life differently from the last, what would it look like?

For five days, we’ve set aside time to work privately with you and a select group of other outstanding folk at Charney Manor in Oxfordshire, England.

Join us

June 12-16th, 2023 in Oxfordshire, UK.

Start living your best life now!


What can you expect after joining us for this powerful summer retreat?

  • You’ll start to trust your intuition again—knowing you can follow it and succeed
  • You’ll give yourself permission to step up, speak up, and go for your dream life
  • You’ll have a practical path to follow that will bring you the lifestyle you want (with the finances to pay for it)
  • You’ll also have a brand new network of like-minded, super-successful people to call on for support, advice, and friendship


Day 1

Arrive to Charney Manor where you'll be welcomed by the Retreat Team and enjoy a feast while you connect with others in attendance for the week-long retreat. 

You'll also be greeted with a welcome gift.  We can't wait to see you on opening night!

Day 2

Tapping Into Your Success and Wealth Mindset

Clarity for the next 12 months!  This day will be all about identifying what you want out of your business, life and finances over the next 12 months. There will be time for hot seats, small group masterminds, coaching for you to gain support in what you envision for yourself.  This is the space to dream big, have confidence, and put it all out on the table.

Day 3

Intentional Goal Setting

It's one thing to say it and another to have it come to life.  Through intentional goal setting you'll break down the action steps needed to achieve your personal and financial goals, while removing limiting beliefs and having the confidence to go for it! 

Day 4

Commiting to Your Wealth, Wellbeing and Success

On our penultimate day together we'll share our commitments through an energetic programme filled with support and empowerment to accomplish our goals over the next 12 months. 

Day 5

Send Offs and Intentions

On our final morning session together you'll learn how to master the art of action and perseverence. Become the person you need to be to achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, and execute your plans, even in the face of unforeseen challenges. Leave, knowing you are bringing those dreams to life!

What's Included?

    5 Packed Days of Connection

    We start on Monday evening with a kick-off event where we'll welcome you with gifts and enjoy a beautiful connection event.

    Followed by four exciting days of connection, mentorship, masterminding, relaxation and networking.

    Clarity, Goal Setting and Reflection

    Dedicated time will be spent identifying what you truly want out of your life/business/finances over the next twelve months. You'll have time in the hot seat and masterminds to gain support and guidance. 

    Accomodation, Fabulous Healthy Food and Drinks!

    Premium healthy and delicious food and drink for the entire week is covered, including on our excursions!

    That's breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and of course your accomodation for the week, too. 

    Excursions and Extra Bonuses

    Morning walks through the Oxfordshire countryside (weather permitting), meditations, opportunities to get out and about in Oxford and the surrounding area - and a few other nice surprises - ask and we'll tell!

    Not included: airfare, ground transport to and from the retreat, any further hotel stays if you're staying in the area for longer.

    The Location 

    Charney Manor is a 13th-century manor house at Charney Bassett now in the English county of Oxfordshire. It is a grade I listed building with beautiful grounds and surroundings. Charney Manor was originally a grange of Abingdon Abbey. It is steeped in history, but with a modern feel. 





    Sarah McCalden is a powerhouse of wisdom, creativity and authenticity. She can be your best friend or the tough love you need to get unstuck when it seems impossible.

    She's been there and done it -  She spent her twenties in active addiction and recovery, her thirties raising her sons and running marathons and ultras, and her early forties succeeding in becoming a 6 figure business owner and founding Money School and the Money Club.  She's brought some pretty special people along for the ride, as they navigate their way to wealth and wellbeing through success education and investing. She has created an inspiring life for herself (and others!) around the world. She also knows, it's in our adversity, that we have the opportunity for growth, and that means the opportunity for exponential growth - if we REALLY want it!

    Now, combining her passion for personal development and wealth creation and her desire to help people live life on their own terms, her latest mission is to help those with the deep desire, create the lives they’ve always dreamed of through teaching online programmes, providing coaching, training and mentoring, and finally being able to run amazing in-person events and retreats.

    This is a photo of Sarah McCalden


    When do I need to be at Charney Manor? You can check into Charney Manor anytime after 4pm on Monday, 12th June 2023.

    Where is Charney Manor? It is about a 20 minute taxi ride from Oxford train station. 

    What meals are included? All meals are included for the duration of the event, including when we are on our excursions.

    What time does the retreat finish? We will wrap up at 1pm on Friday the 16th June.

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    Join Us for the Success, Wealth and Wellbeing Summer Retreat 2023


    £1995 pre sale pricing through 31st january 2022 - save £500

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