30 Day Money Challenge

THE BEST 30 Day Money Challenge out there. Save hundreds or even more by day 30 by following these very practical instructions on a daily basis for 30 days. Plus, set yourself on the right track with money for life.

You will dive deep into your spending, your habits, your self-image and what you actually want for your life and you might just come out the other side a changed person.

You can choose to receive this as 30 days of emails or you can receive this as a course that you log into to access each day. You receive exactly the same content.

Your choice.

Laurel Goulden-James

Wow. Just finished day 10 of 30 day money challenge. So Good! Really making me peel back the layers and reflect on what my spending habits have been and what I want them to be!! Thanks, Sarah!

Morna Haist

“I’ve had so many money breakthroughs, it’s blowing my mind. Firstly, I’ve been receiving money from so many unexpected places, literally on a daily basis and it’s so affirming and awesome to see this in black and white on my tracker. I’m waking up feeling more empowered and powerful about money – in fact I’ve been finding myself waking up and saying out loud ‘I am a magnet for money’ and it turns out I am! I’m embracing my spending statement: ‘I am a conscious spender, so I feel aligned with my values and goals every time I spend’ – this literally feels so good and I feel so much more aligned and empowered when I consciously choose to spend money. I’ve also realized that spending includes me!! That spending includes spending on my future self first by consciously saving and paying myself first. Thank you Sarah for creating this and offering it in such an accessible way… everyone needs to do it!!” 


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