Reprogramme Your Money Mindset, Get Educated About Your Finances and Create Financial Freedom.

Sarah created Money School™ to help bring people financial freedom and the choices that come with that. Money School™ membership and programmes will teach you how to break free from your conditioned thinking, your unconscious beliefs and behaviours and step into your true power, your true wealth, financial freedom and the fully expressed life that’s waiting for you. 

why money school™?



The Money Club

Want to join a community of likeminded people who are educating themselves about the financial world so they can change their financial circumstances?

When you become a part of The Money Club you will gain education, knowledge and support to make key financial decisions and protect you and your family. 

Become part of the powerful evolving global club economy and marketplace: Create powerful collaborations and financial alliances with other members. Learn more about The Money Club.

Sacred Money Archetypes®

In this life changing coaching programme, you'll reprogramme your wealth mindset by discovering how to align with your unique money personality and start profiting from your natural skills and talents, so that you can make more money in your business.

You'll get rid of unconscious money blocks, and create a new approach to money in your life and business or career, taking your income and impact to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. 

Learn more about the Sacred Money Archetypes Coaching Programme.  

Find out what your top archetypes are:

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The Freedom Programme: Getting Smart About Money

If you have struggled to make the money you really want to make in your business or career, but deep down you know you are meant to have a positively abundant life, then you must get smart about money!


Get rid of your limiting beliefs around scarcity and lack. Stop resisting taking responsibiltiy for your finances. Remove the shame that's been getting in the way of you creating wealth for yourself.

In the Freedom Programme you will explore your attitude, beliefs and decisions about money that keep you stuck. You will explore ways to reprogramme your brain for financial and personal success and explore how money can help you to make a big impact in this world, being held accountable all the way, keeping you on track to reach your personal and financial goals.


Money Breakthrough Business Coaching®

Tired of cookie cutter business advice that doesn’t honour YOU and your uniqueness? If you're ready for success in your business, getting rid of overwhelm, and pressing reset on your money mindset — then join me inside my Platinum Private Coaching programme.

Learn more about the Platinum Private Coaching programme.

about money school


Sarah McCalden is the CEO and Founder of Money School™. Money School™ works with conscious and ethical entrepreneurs and business owners from across the globe, who want to make more money and make a big and meaningful impact in this world . Sarah helps people to earn the money they deserve, release their fears around money and create their best lives. 

Money School™ will teach you how to break free from your conditioned thinking, your unconscious beliefs and behaviours and step into your true power, your true wealth, financial freedom and the fully expressed life that's waiting for you.


Be More, Do More Have More, Keep More...

Money is required for you to live your most authentic and fulfilled life. To register for that marathon, book the flights abroad, and enjoy that dinner party at yours on a Saturday evening, you need money. Money gives you choices and freedom. (When you’re struggling, how free do you feel?) And, if you want to feel and have more freedom, that starts with your relationship with money.


Check what Money School clients say about us

I've always had a love hate relationship with money, especially when I see so much injustice and inequality in the world. But through doing the Sacred Money Archetypes work and re-designing my business and my offers to work in harmony with my archetypes, my business is thriving and most importantly, I'm making the true impact I'm here to create, it feels in total alignment with my values AND it feels amazing! 

Morna Haist


The thing I enjoy the most about The Money Club is being around other motivated and powerful women who all have the same goal, which is to create wealth. And this means it's easy to continually focus on that goal and tap into the strength of the community. I can also tap into the community for ideas, a source of knowledge, as well as inspiration. It continually opens up my mind to possibilities I didn't even know existed.



If you think you don’t need this coaching, this means you do need it.

Sarah’s money coaching programme is comprehensive, powerful and will change the way you look at your self-worth in relation to money.  It will give you the clarity to discover what has been holding you back from achieving the financial success you want. This programme has allowed me to extract all the things in my head around money and become clear on what I want to hold onto and what I want to let go of. This programme will change your thinking about money and your value and worth.


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