Discover The Money Club

Imagine being part of a like-minded community of successful, smart, supportive people who want to see you grow and become financially free...

Discover the Money Club, a 12 month membership where you will become a savvy and confident wealth builder.

WHy THE money CLUB?

I was inspired to start the Money Club to help myself and others to become financially educated, financially independent and ultimately financially free because I realised that I didn't know what to do with the money I was earning and I knew that the vast majority were just like me in this sense.

I was at a point in my business where I realised I could help others to achieve greater wealth for themselves because I had had achieved that for myself. I decided I was going to build a membership that would help people become financially literate, improve their wealth mindsets and provide an education on different ways to invest, so that they can achieve their dreams.

When I started in business several years ago now, the people I met through my business networks, including myself weren't educated about money. We weren't financially savvy. We didn't know anything about investing or how to build wealth for ourselves, other than to put money in a pension, 401k or supperannuation fund. We didn't learn these things in school, or college or university, but we all had the desire to learn to make our money work for us. And I wanted to make that a reality. For me. For everyone. And so my idea was born and The Money Club came into existence. 

Imagine a space where you educate yourself about finance and investing and the unique opportunities that you can take advantage of, using unique MSI technology so that you can make the best decisions for you, about money, confidently.

Imagine a space where you can feel safe to open up about what’s happening in your business or professional life and receive support and guidance. A space where real connection, collaboration and even friendship comes easily. Join a global community who inspire you and empower you to be the best version of yourself.

All this and more is yours when you join the Money Club as a premium member. 

Money Trainings

Mind blowing monthly money trainings using the Success Principles to help improve your wealth mindset so you keep upleveling, earning more, keeping more, breaking through your glass ceiling and becoming wealthy for good.

Expert Speakers

Learn about investing, finance & more in our live, monthly virtual trainings with expert speakers, or watch the recordings later.

Online Masterminding

Get to know the others in the community and mastermind with your favourite people!

Opportunity for Emergent Leadership

There are ongoing opportunities for emergent leadership within the community.

Private Premium Members' Group

Hang out online with the other aspiring members, ask questions, get help and make connections and network in our Facebook Forum.

Book Club

We choose a new book to read every two months. That's 6 books over the year, that you will gain substantially from. Engage in regular conversation within the member's group about the book topic. 

about THE money CLUB

Join a global community of powerful people, learning growing and getting rich together in 2022. 

  • Create multiple sources of income in order to create financial independence for yourself.
  • Start creating Financial Freedom, Personal Power and Choice for you and your family.
  • Become part of the powerful evolving Global Club Economy and Marketplace. 

  • Create powerful collaborations and financial alliances with other members: business collaborations, affiliate programmes, joint investments, joining what will become a powerful marketplace as it grows.
  • Gain education, knowledge and support to make key financial decisions and protect you and your family – legal, investment, insurance, crowdfunding etc.
  • Emergent Leadership opportunities.
  • AND much, much more.

about platinum membership

Get Premium Membership PLUS

  • 24/7 access to me via Telegram 
  • Up to 4 monthly 1-to-1 sessions and hand-holding when you need it.

  • Quarterly financial education call.
  • 10% discount off all Money School courses and programmes. 


Here's what our members say...

The Money Club has allowed me to think more about investments. Currently in my business I have multiple streams of income but I hadn't thought too much about investments and the other ways I can build wealth for myself and for my family. I'm really loving learning about different ways to invest and more about investments beyond the things we all know about. My eyes have been opened to this big world of opportunities.

Morna Haist

founder and ceo of revolutionary woman global

I've found The Money Club that Sarah runs a nurturing, enlightening and fantastic community to be part of. I've learnt so much and look forward to continuing my journey!

Fiona Pauli

Fashion designer

The financial literacy you will gain in The Money Club, you are not taught in school. You are taught to have a job and save and there so many other ways to have multiple sources of income. You can learn new things here so that you can empower yourself from a financial point of view and take responsibility for your own life. That's what's really powerful.

Joy Reynolds

meditation Mentor, meditation for the soul

The most exciting thing about The Money Club is that I get to hang out with really powerful and motivated women who all have the same goal, which is to create wealth. Being around people who have the same goal means I'm continually inspired to focus on that goal, and can tap into the resource, inspiration and strength of the group. I can also tap into it for ideas, as a source of knowledge. It's opening up my mind to all these posibilities I didn't even know existed.

Alexandra Powell

founder and ceo of Relationshipmatrix

Through the Money Club and the weekly masterminding with Sarah and an awesome bunch of ladies, it’s a safe place to talk about your goals, celebrating your wins and areas that need focus. The monthly book club and the expert guest speakers really build my financial knowledge and understanding on ways to build multiple streams of income. What’s getting clearer for me as I continue to work with Sarah is that no matter how small or big the steps taking, I'm getting closer towards my goal. 

Silje Vincent

Artistic director, toni & GUy

I love being a member of The Money Club! The education on investing has  been life changing. I’ve learned so much from the professional guests Sarah invites to speak with us, and the book club is brilliant. We read books I normally might not take the time to read on my own. The Money Club is a fun and comfortable space to get smarter on money in every area.

Launa Troy



Premium Membership: £747 per annum

Platinum Membership: £1997 per annum 

Payment Plans Available.




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