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Book a 1:1 mentoring session. If you want to start your blockchain journey on the right foot or become accountable for the rest of 2023, get yourself booked in. You can choose from a selection of packages or book by the hour. 

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Benjamin Franklin

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Master Your Crypto Confidence

Afraid of falling victim to scammers? Not sure how to take the first steps? Lost a significant amount of money? Do you want Financial Freedom? Overwhelmed by the many choices? Worried about your savings?

With my high level of quality mentorship you will never feel lost or alone. I will teach you how to find your way.

Start building your Blockchain Empire today!

The Maverick Rules 

Have you ever wanted someone to walk you through all the little things - like how to set up an account on an exchange, explain the reasons you might want to invest, how to stay secure in the blockchain space? Do you want bite size and step by step instructions that help you to really master the basics? 

The Maverick Rules is a partnership between myself and fellow blockchain mentor, Fiona Stolze, focused on supporting (mainly) women over 40 who really want to learn about crypto and get themselves earning regular cashflow through investing in this space.  

Coming soon.

Blockchain Business Numbers

Master Excel Spreadsheets and Build Your Business Faster.

As a crypto and blockchain coach, I know that being able to manipulate data in spreadsheets allows you to understand your business and grow it faster. Let me show you how to master Excel so that you can tweak your business performance quickly when it counts... 

about the maverick rules

We use our experience to create yours

At the Maverick Rules, integrity is our byword.
We are two women who want to share our knowledge and passion for all things crypto and blockchain, and who have decades of business experience between them.

Learn about our proven strategies, build a strong and robust mindset and become a confident and independent thinker able to make empowered choices to build your crypto and blockchain asset business.

I’d love to talk about what matters to you.

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